The Fascinating History of Korean Citron Tea

History of Korean Citron Tea: From Humble Beginnings to World Takeover

Tea is derived from a bushy plant that grows on virtually every corner of the world, some being regarded as being better than others. History Korea Citron TeaThere is a huge variety of tea as a beverage, ranging from herbal tea, masala tea, ice tea and black tea just to mention a few. It is a drink that is commonly served hot, but can also be taken cold as a refreshing beverage. There are many different kinds of teas on the market today, but few have made such as impact as having the now famous Korean citron tea.

As the name would suggest, citron tea is native to Korea, although has now traversed the world all thanks to globalization.

There are many reasons for the soaring popularity of Korean citron tea, with the most common being the health benefits attached to the tea as well as its unique and great flavor.

There areno signs of the popularity of citron tea slowing down, and it is clear that it is going to be around for a long time to come. There is a rich and fascinating history of Korean citron
tea that you would be interested in knowing.

history of korean citron teaHow Citron Tea Came to Korea

There are no stories of great battles and emperors conquering far off lands for their insatiable taste for citron tea. The history is rather modest, but fascinating all the same. The citron tea tree is believed to be originally from China, and named Yuja. A man working between China and Korea ferrying the Yuja tree was caught up in a terrible storm on one of his journeys, losing his entire shipment of Yuja. As the story goes, a few seeds remained lodged in his coat. On his travels on the mainland, the seeds dropped from his coat as he went along, and Yuja trees later popped up wherever he had passed through.

The ‘Original’ Korean Citron Tea

In the past, Koreans found that the leaves of the Yuja trees were effective in curing the common cold. The experience might not have been enjoyable as such, as the crushed leaves are known to have a bitter taste. Ingenuity was needed to make this ‘miracle cure’ more appealing to the taste buds. The result was preserving the leaves with honey or sugar. The result was a great tasting tea beverage that is now known all over the world as Korean citron tea, with General Ming’s tea being a perfect example.Yazu+Organic Korean Citron Tea

Korean Citron Tea Today

Besides the health benefits associated with citron tea, the tea can be kept for up to two years without
compromising its integrity. There are also now many different flavors to appeal to the different tastes and preferences. The tea actually comes in the form of a kind of jam, and a teaspoon of this jam like tea is enough to make a serving of this incredible beverage. Over its history, Korean citron tea has been believed to help with digestion, relieve stomach upset and to cure the common cold. In addition to this, Korean citron tea is known to help relieve headaches and inflammation, as well as being a great and natural source of vitamin C.

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