Korean Citron Tea – Give Your Taste Buds A Run for Their Money

Tea is a universal drink. Eh? I should know, because I am a tea drinker! It is drunk everywhere in the world. Tea CeremonyIn Africa, people take it as the first drink of the day, to start their day off. It is taken in Europe too and in Britain, afternoon tea is a ceremony. In China, green tea is taken for its medicinal benefits. In India, tea is called chai, just as it is called in some parts of Africa. Tea is taken in many forms today. For the young and trendy, there is iced tea that comes in different flavors, sold in the supermarket in a ready-to-take state. There is no more reason for you not to drink tea if it is your favorite. Now, get ready world for another Korean breakout, and I’m not talking Gangnam style either. General Ming’s, one of the leading distributors of premium organic Korean citron tea has made available o the world – Yazu + through their easy to use website – GeneralMings.com. This carries the day for many reasons, as you will see here. I thought it was mere hype when I read about it, until I tried it. This is not just tea. It is tea a rejuvenating experience.

Korean Citron TeaYou can buy your “tea” from the supermarket, online or you can make yours at home. If you are one of those fitness freaks who will only relish what they have made themselves, then you can go make your own Korean citron tea. While it may not taste as good as the prepackaged one, you will be well rewarded for your effort by a very enchanting drink.

One thing that you will love about this South Korean Yazu + tea is the voluptuous flavor that seems to burst upon hitting the taste buds. You will agree that indeed this is the best drink
of tea that you have ever taken.

Buying has many benefits and so does making your own Korean citron tea at home. When you are cooking yours at home, you can try as many recipes as you want. Since this is a very popular drink, you will find more than enough recipes in the market, and all of them free for download. Who is to prevent you from trying a new recipe every day? Give your taste buds a run for their money.

Now, if you did not know, Korean citron tea is not only used as a beverage, but it is also used along with food preparation. However, you will need to get the best recipe for that, works best with chicken breast. You can marinate the chicken in the fridge for a few hours and then you can bake it. It is the yummiest meal that you have ever tasted!

Korean citron tea from General Ming’s is certified Korean organic, right from where it is grown. Even theOrganic Korean Citron Tea citron used for the flavor is organically grown. Prepared, flavored and packed to the highest standards, you can buy it online through their website – GeneralMings.com. Even if you do not understand the Korean writings on the label of the jar, don’t worry. Look out for the images of the citrons. This tea contains no caffeine at all and therefore, you will not get that eye-popping experience or that burst of energy that you get from heavily caffeinated drinks. The aroma, the taste and the calming effect is just amazing. Don’t blame anyone if you become an addict.

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