Korean Citron Tea – Why I love it

Korean citronWhy I love Korean Citron Tea, take it from an addict drinker

Sweet with a flavor that bursts when the tea hits the tongue, Korean Citron tea is full of vitamin C, from
the citrons of course. I love tea especially this one for its dry citrus flavor, but before I take anything, I like to know what is in it. Even from the taste alone it is obvious why this tea is one of the most loved in Asia today. It is famous throughout Asia, thanks to recent media coverage of a company called General Ming’s and their organic Yazu+ oriental citron tea. Today, most people know it as the best stuff to get you through the winter. You can be sure of beating the cold away, clear the blocked nasal passages and enjoy many more benefits from this tea. However, more recently it has been enjoyed chilled on ice as a great new summer afternoon beverage.

Korean Citron TeaCitron tea is a scrumptious substance and has multiple uses

It’s amazing what two ingredients can do to produce the most wondrous concoction ever. Just add citron fruit and a sweetener such as honey or brown sugar, and you have the most
wonderful tasting tea. The aroma and the taste are almost tranquilizing, with a great calming effect on the nerves. Since caffeine is missing, relaxation is the key in this smooth tasting delight.
I hear that you can make your own Korean citron tea at home, but perhaps you had better try prepackaged one because you may not know the right quantities to mix your ingredients. I would suggest that you buy first and then later on, as I am sure you are going to be addicted, you can try the homemade variety. The main benefit with buying a commercial product is that it is not like any tea that you have ever seen. To the contrary, it looks similar to marmalade,  however, once you add hot or cold water turning it into tea you’ll immediately understand the craze. You can use it for many other functions, even for marinating meet before cooking.

When you buy your “jam” as some people call this tea, you are at liberty to use it as you want. Okay, meditative tea landsacapethere are measurements for one cup but you will find that you need less or more in your cup of tea. Do not worry, it all depends on how much of the citron your taste buds can withstand. If you want to use it as marmalade on bread, even on ice cream, go ahead and do it! It is all yours. For me, I like to make use of mine as tea entirely and I really do down the whole jar as fast as I can spoon it into my mug.

Although it’s not on the label, one thing that I know is that anytime I take my Korean citron tea drink, I feel calm and relaxed. If I had a mild headache, you know, the migraine that you feel from afar, it goes away too. My digestion is superb, but then it wouldn’t be fair to crown this tea with all the glory especially considering that I love taking many herbal concoctions.

Love Yazu+ Korean Citron TeaCitron Teas has health benefits

However, I have heard that Korean citron tea has its fair share of health benefits and considering that it has taken me through many winters without as much as a sneeze, I think this works.

Caution! You will never want to do without a cup of your Korean citron tea, sweetened with honey or brown sugar. Is this what they call addiction? Then I don’t mind joining “tea anonymous”, if there is
anything like that.

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